About the Authors

WritePhilosophy.com is created and edited by Chris J Blunt and Rosa W Runhardt.


Dr. Chris Blunt is Assistant Professorial Lecturer at LSE and Deputy Director of LSE100. He works on issues in the philosophy of medicine, with a particular focus on conceptualisations of evidence, trial design and integration of non-standard evidence sources.

Areas of interest: Philosophy of medicine, Evidence-Based Medicine, Personalised and genomic medicine, medical ethics and health policy, philosophy of science.

PhD in Philosophy from LSE (2015); MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge (2011); BSc in Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method from LSE (2010).

Dr. Rosa van Boheemen-Runhardt was awarded her PhD from LSE in 2015 in the Department of Philosophy, supervised by Prof. Luc Bovens. Her thesis focuses on measurement in the social sciences. Rosa works for Researchers in Schools, teaching mathematics at Brentside High School, and working as a research fellow at King’s College London.

Areas of interest: Philosophy of social science, general philosophy of science, philosophy of metrology, epistemic and non-epistemic value judgements in science, civil war studies.

PhD in Philosophy from LSE (2015); MSc in History and Philosophy of Science from Utrecht University (2011); BA in Philosophy of Mathematics from Leiden University (2010) and BSc in Mathematics from Leiden University (2009).